Who wants to be a millionare? You probably. Here is a way to do it.

Solve one of the seven Millennium Problems and you could earn $1 million. It might give you some confidence to learn that one of the seven problems has been solved. On the other hand they are basically the most difficult problems in mathematics, so good luck!!!!

Are you good in math? Like, really, stupendously talented in the area of mathematics? If so congrats, you have a handful of outstanding opportunities to use your skills to become a millionaire.

The millennium  problems first laid out by clay mathematics institute in 2000, are seven maths problems that each come with a $1 million reward. 

These millennium problems are 

  • P versus NP problem.
  • Hodge conjecture.
  • Poincaré conjecture (solved)
  • Riemann hypothesis.
  • Yang–Mills existence and mass gap.
  • Navier–Stokes existence and smoothness.
  • Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture.

Grigori perelman proved Poincaré conjecture. 



IIT -K students designed a efficient drone

Students from IIT-Kharagpur have designed a drone that can efficiently enter war zones and set up communication networks between civilians, soldiers, and even rescue teams through the “Internet of Things”. The drone is named BHIM, inspired by the mighty and muscular epic warrior of the Mahabharata, Bhima.

Source: IndianCEO

Source: Times Of India

It is light in weight, considering the operational tasks it has been assigned to do. According to a Times Of Indiareport, the automated drone has a vision-based guidance system with built-in intelligence that helps to identify if an area is crowded or not. If so, the drone will fly away and land in a safer place. The drone also flaunts a battery backup of seven hours, and can fly into a disaster or war zone. But the real power of the drone is its ability to maintain long flight times and deliver emergency supplies with the help of parachutes.

According to the report, Sudip Mishra, faculty member of the computer science and engineering department, said,

Such advanced built-in intelligence is not available in drones now. The design is completely in-house. The controlling and guiding algorithms of the drone have been developed in our lab. Disaster management becomes much easier through seamless wireless communication that only the internet can provide. However, when disaster strikes and Wi-Fi facilities on the ground are destroyed, an aerial Wi-Fi broadcast can come as a boon, since radio communication has limited reach.

The drone’s light weight also ensures that its cost is just one-fourth the price of any average drone used for surveillance in India now.

if you fell in black hole would time really slow????

No not at all ,because you would have no way of feeling the passage of time. It is true that large gravitational force slows down the time, but you can only be aware of this by comparing your experiences with someone far away from the black hole.

You will see distant friend speed up rather than feel yourself slowed down. They will see you slowed down rather than feel themselves speed up. The closer you approach the black hole’s event horizon the more speed up you see your friend. But for you, time would feel just as it does to you right now.